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7 Safety Tips That Will Help You Avoid Loading Dock Hazards

There are a lot of moving parts around a commercial loading dock. Every individual who works in this area has to be fully aware of their surroundings at all times, so they don’t experience any slips, falls, or weight-bearing related injuries. At Top Notch Dock & Door, we came up with 7 safety tips that will help you avoid loading dock hazards.

Commercial Industrial Loading Dock Hazard Safety Tips

Loading Dock Safety

It’s just as important for business owners to ensure all equipment in this area is safely used and stored, so it won’t pose an additional risk to employees.

Whether you’re a loading dock operator or business owner looking to tighten up safety measures in this area, then we’ve got you covered.

Our commercial door experts created safety tips that will help you avoid loading dock hazards for everyone who works with loading dock equipment.

Safety tips to avoid hazards

  1. Always walk –You should not run anywhere near the loading dock. The way every loading dock is designed includes too many tripping hazards that can appear out of nowhere and cause injury.
  2. Keep everything as organized as possible – No one enjoys having to navigate through someone else’s mess. Properly storing equipment and shipped goods can help your business operate more efficiently.
  3. All flooring should be dry – It’s always possible for water to seep into a loading dock area because of the rain, ice, or snow outside. Having towels or a mop on hand to clean it, can help others avoid a major fall within the building.
  4. Damaged or messy areas should be reported immediately. The sooner management receives a report about a disorganized or hazardous area of the building, the sooner someone will address it so everyone can operate safer. While this can include spills, it can also include a dock light being out, the loading dock levelers and lifts not operating properly, or a malfunctioning communication system.
  5. Be aware of how your body moves and feels – This is key to preventing major ergonomics injuries from repetitive motion or lifting heavy objects. Always remember to use your knees instead of your back to lift a heavy piece of equipment. If you feel fatigued while lifting something or using a piece of loading dock equipment, it’s best to finish or stop the current task you’re carrying out and rest before continuing.
  6. Making a mistake will not only cause major safety hazards for employees but could also damage the overhead door, docking area, or goods that are being loaded or unloaded.
  7. Dress for the weather and wear proper protective clothing – Because shipments could be occurring throughout the day, it is important to dress for handling equipment as well as the weather conditions outside. Bundle up during the cold and take frequent water breaks during exceedingly hot conditions.

Installations and Repairs For Loading Dock Doors Near Atlanta, GA

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